Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life Without Madame M.

Madam M. appeared on our porch almost exactly one year ago. She was a bit shy and skittish, but seemed to enjoy her comfortable life with us. She played with her companion, slept in our bed, and was as picky as on the first day when we tried to give a large prawn which she rejected with disgust.

It has been a week now since she disappeared without a trace. Suddenly the place seems somehow empty. 

Agent Orange is missing her just as much as we do. No one to play with. No one to groom. No one to tease. No one to fight with... He seems to be much quieter now and does not eat as much as he did when she was around.

It is unbearably hot out there and probably not quite easy to find food or water and we hope that she is all right. She is a very smart cat and really a good hunter. I must admit, I was amazed when I first saw her hunting. She would spot a lizard and chase it with the speed of light. 

We accept her freedom to chose, and yet, we feel quite awful to know that she abandoned us.

We hope, of course, that she will come back one day...

Dominique Allmon 


She is back! Two weeks later! As if nothing had happened! Can anyone get used to this? I guess normally we would not worry, but there are predators all year round and she looks like a tasty morsel