Friday, July 29, 2011

Healing Properties of Creedite

Creedite is a rare calcium aluminium sulfate fluoro hydroxide mineral that usually forms from the oxidation of fluorite ore deposits. It occurs mostly on fluorite-calcite-quartz matrix.

Creedite was named after Creede Quadrangle, Mineral county in Colorado, where it was first discovered in 1916. It was also found in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico. There are also some deposits in Bolivia, China, as well as in Kazahstan and Tajikistan. 

It forms monoclinic prismatic crystals that may resemble sharp blades or needles clustered together. The crystals may be either colorless or white, pale to dark orange, pinkish or violet, either translucent or transparent.

It is believed that creedite helps align the upper chakras, especially the throat and the crown chakras, and expand awareness. This allows an undisturbed access to higher realms and a better expression of one's own spirituality. The gem may also help facilitate connection and improve communication with others.

Creedite crystals emanate high vibrations and can be used for channeling. They help verbalize and render the transmitted messages with utmost clarity. 

Creedite also aides meditation. It creates clarity of the mind and helps cut through intellectual obstacles. It promotes spiritual growth and helps expand awareness. It may help develop the ability to move between different levels of consciousness.

Occasionally, creedite is used to facilitate the out of body experiences and the transition to the realm of Light. 

Creedite crystals can be used to enhance vibrational energy of spaces and to increase the creativity and productivity at work. 

Creedite has the potential to increase one's level of vibration and to expand the energy field. The increased energy flow in the meridians may help speed healing and detoxification. 

Because of its aluminium content, creedite should not be used in crystal elixirs or ingested in any other form. 

By Dominique Allmon


*This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease. 

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