Sunday, July 2, 2017

70th Anniversary Roswell UFO Festival

Sometime in July 1947 a mysterious flying object crashed in the desert of New Mexico in the vicinity of a sleepy desert town known to everybody as Roswell. 

Wreckage that was recovered from the crash was brought to the Roswell Army Air Field. The local paper, the Roswell Daily Record, reported that a "flying saucer" had been captured and started the biggest UFO controversy ever recorded, or so. 

The "remains" were allegedly transported to Area 51 in Nevada and the whole incident remains covered in a fog of secrecy. To this day no one really knows what was found in the desert. Was it an alien spaceship, a secret government experiment, or simply an high altitude weather balloon?
70th Anniversary Roswell UFO Crash Cell Phone Case

Year 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of that event. Roswell expects more visitors than ever and welcomes true believers, those who want to believe, UFO aficionados, skeptics, science fiction lovers, artists, artisans, and everybody who simply wants to have some fun. 

For many people UFOs are a serious business. More than thirty speakers were invited this year to discuss the challenges of alien life in Space and on Earth. Alien costume contest, laser show, concerts, Light Parade and a parallel Galacticon venue are all scheduled to take place during the celebrations that will end with fireworks on the 4th of July. All this is happening at temperatures around 100°F and is accompanied by tasty Southwestern food, spices, flavors et al.

By Dominique Allmon