Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Introducing Jimmo, The Artist Behind Jimmo Designs

Artist and designer James W. Allmon wearing his   own design - the Heinlein inspired "My Mistress" T-Shirt
Artist and designer James W. Allmon wearing his own
design - the Heinlein inspired "My Mistress" T-Shirt

With Black Friday around the corner and Christmas only a few weeks away, many people are looking for something original they can put under the tree.

As far as I am concerned, the best gifts are the ones that are designed by artists and are not found in mass market stores.

My favorite designs come from my husband, James, who is an artist and creator of the Jimmo Designs brand.


Avid reader, cinema lover and collector, James is a Roswell, NM, based artist and graphic designer with big interest in science fiction, fantasy, humor and comic art. He has created his Jimmo brand almost exactly one year ago and specializes in designing graphic t-shirts and mugs. He owns a web based Jimmo store, and his designs are currently also sold on Amazon and Redbubble.


The Jimmo collection began with a few fun designs and now features apparel for men, women and children, mugs, home decor, cell phone accessories, stationery, and more. And while the Jimmo's Amazon Store sells only t-shirts, Jimmo's website specializes mostly in apparel and beverage mugs. Home decor, wall art, stationary, cell phone accessories, and clocks can be purchased on Redbubble.


Many of Jimmo's designs are playful or even funny, but many also show serious consideration for the environment and social causes.  Like many artists in his line of business, Jimmo is not responsible for the production or the shipping process, but he receives royalties when products are sold. His designs are exclusively made to order. And while he has no control over this part of business, he has chosen to work with environmentally and socially responsible companies. The products are not made in sweatshops and the order fulfillment centers strive to use as environmentally sane packaging as possible.


The fourth quarter is the busiest time of the year and the order fulfillment centers are working overtime right now. Most have set up delivery deadlines for the Holidays. Last order has to be placed as early as December 12 if you want your products form the Jimmo Store to arrive on time for Christmas. Orders to Canada or Great Britain need even longer time for the delivery and customs. Redbubble ships worldwide and has its own deadlines depending on the country you are ordering from. Amazon ships artist designed t-shirts only within the United States and promises free second day delivery with Amazon Prime, but even there I would not wait till the last minute.


Unless you have seen an artist work on his designs, you cannot fully appreciate all the work that went into creation of a product. I am one of the lucky few who were allowed to watch and believe that no artist in this business receives enough money for the work he puts into a design. Hence my vivid support for James and other artists working hard to make a living.


Feel free to visit Jimmo's stores. I am certain you will find something original there. Bookmark the websites for later and share the information with someone who might want to support James, his three cats and his super cool dog.

By Dominique Allmon

Visit Jimmo's website to purchase Jimmo's cool designs like the Jimmo Shirts No Frills Coffee T-Shirt

Christmas Dove - Incredibly elegant evening chiffon top designed 
by Jimmo. Not just for Christmas. Sold only on Redbubble

Visit Jimmo's page on Facebook


All images and designs are copyrighted James W. Allmon©2016

P.S. This is an unsolicited review of a business I support. I believe that in today's world artists, artisans, and small businesses need support and  recognition.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump!

Yesterday, on November 8, 2016, Americans have chosen their 45th president! The "inconvenient" candidate Donald J. Trump was elected to run the country for the next four years.  

Trump won in a smashing victory that surprised many, himself included. His supporters hoped that he will win, but no one predicted such great turn out. 

It was a difficult campaign since Trump had not only the mainstream media and the progressive Left against himself, but also the Republican establishment president George Bush included, the Congress, the globalists, the moralists of all colors, the big money, certain foreign powers and personalities that donated heavily to his opponent, and even the pope in Rome! 

The movement he created took a root in the hearts and minds of people tired of the detrimental policies of the current administration; people tired of the economic decline and ever growing gap between the poor and the financially privileged; people tired of lies and corruption in the country; people tired of racial polarization; people tired of erratic immigration policy and unprotected borders; people tired of political correctness and semi-fascist rhetoric that dominated political discourse for such a long time. The "basket of deplorables," as Trump supporters were called by Mrs. Clinton, have had enough and voted for a real change this time. 

Trump will certainly have a difficult job, but with his vision and determination, and great love for the country and its people, he will start working hard on day one of his presidency.  

Every new presidency brings hope for a change and change is badly needed in a country with an almost invisible growth and national debt that grew exponentially over the last eight years. People need jobs and financial security. They need clear foreign policy. They want their dignity and respect for the country restored. And they do not want to ever again see their president disembarking through a service door of Air Force One! 

Despite his age, Trump has an incredible stamina. He promised to make America great again and he will work hard, but he cannot do it alone. Americans have to forget their artificially created divisions and must apply themselves to the task at hand. Those who do not wish so can quietly sneak out through the still wide open borders. They can try their luck in Canada, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or Iran. Grass seems always to be a bit more greener on the other side of the fence.

Trump is a businessman and a good negotiator, but most importantly, he is a New Yorker who has a "big mouth" and is not afraid to speak his mind. He was supported by many amazing personalities and I cannot wait to see his cabinet being formed. There will be many changes and I am sure he will surround himself with people who really love America and put her first.

Allow me to speculate. I imagine that his presidency will be something between JFK and Reagan. It will be a presidency for all Americans. Trump will not bend in half before a Saudi king or anybody else. He is pragmatic and wants to restore America to the position of a superpower - a country to be reckoned with on a world scene. The world has to be kindly reminded that America is exceptional and Trump is the one who will do it from day one. 

By Dominique Allmon


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Splendor

When the trees their summer splendor
Change to raiment red and gold,
When the summer moon turns mellow,
And the nights are getting cold;
When the squirrels hide their acorns,
And the woodchucks disappear;
Then we know that it is autumn,
Loveliest season of the year.

By Carol L. Riser, Autumn