Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lifting the Veil of Duality

We are all masters, although we have managed to disguise ourselves as students, pretending that we are ignorant and in need of guidance. Now we are ready to show our true essences.

There is not going to be a new master or a Messiah who will suddenly appear and take away all our troubles and pains. The Second Coming is not an external event. We are the Second Coming, every one of us is.

It is not about being spiritual and doing spiritual things in life or gathering others around you who can learn from you how to live spiritual, meaningful lives. The only thing that counts now is being the Spirit. Being the Spirit is our essential nature and requires no special skills.

Just being the Spirit helps others to go through their own transformations and assists Earth to go through her birthing process without unnecessary pain or upheaval.

We, each in our own way, have committed ourselves to transmute this planetary sphere, for otherwise we would not be here.

By Andreas Moritz