Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Reasons to Balance Body pH

Eating a balanced pH diet has a plethora of great effects on the human body - more than just the five mentioned here. But there are five reasons to eat a balanced pH diet that outshine all the rest, including increases in energy, immune system effectiveness, and overall health and longevity.

Higher Energy Levels

Your body is like a machine, and that machine can function in one of two ways: either it can struggle to operate at peak capacity because of poor maintenance and a lack of fluids, or it can fire on all cylinders, full of potential energy and productivity. The body needs a balanced diet to perform all of its functions properly. When you eat a balanced pH diet, combined with low amounts of unhealthy foods, your body has the perfect alkaline composition to perform all of its functions and has to dedicate less energy to compensating for low alkaline levels. This allows it to dedicate more energy to daily tasks, like exercise and the day’s work.

Improved Immune System

When your body stops dedicating energy to rectifying alkaline levels that should be achieved through diet, it can focus more on boosting white blood cell count and more effectively combating everything from the common cold to more nefarious viruses like the flu. Additionally, it will ensure that if you do get sick, the experience will be far more brief and less miserable.

Lower Risk of Chronic Disease

By properly nourishing your body with a healthy alkaline level as well as a balanced pH diet and healthy foods, the risk of chronic diseases declines. This is because your body is able to fend off such things as diabetes, the causes of cancer, and heart disease instead of manufacturing basic bodily fluids and acids.

Weight Control

Because a balanced pH diet is inherently a healthy diet, adhering to the rules of a healthy alkaline level helps a person maintain a healthy weight. When the body is given all the nutrients it needs from diet, rather than having to compensate for a lack of them, it is able to more fully focus on metabolizing food, burning calories, and maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, a healthy body is able to metabolize foods as energy much easier, rather than storing them as fat. This keeps fat amounts low, body weight healthy, and energy high.

Reduced Risk of Cysts

Study after study has shown that highly-acidic diets result in increased calcification of bodily tissues, thus resulting in unhealthy and potentially-fatal cysts and growths throughout the body. A diet with balanced alkaline levels keeps the risk of these occurrences low by slowing the calcification process and helping the body to excrete and eliminate tissues which may already have been calcified.


A balanced pH diets inherently keeps alkaline levels in balance. And that means a number of healthy effects on the body. Most importantly, the reduced risk of terminal diseases like diabetes and heart disease, combined with a lower risk in tissue growth and cysts, means that a balanced pH diet contributes to increased longevity and a greater enjoyment of life in general.


Article courtesy of Acid Alkaline Website