Thursday, October 28, 2010

US Midterm Elections. Let's Tea Party!

Let's Tea Party!

Ms. Pelosi, you are fired! And Mr. Obama! You and your zars - you are next! - Sarah Palin at the Tea Party Movement's rally

The Tea Party Movement is a grass-root political movement that emerged in 2009 as a sign of growing dissatisfaction with the current economic and political situation in the USA. People who were unhappy with the economy and the general direction the country was taking began to express their concern, if not outright outrage, in rallies. The biggest rally took place on August 28 at the National Mall. More than 500,000 people gathered peacefully in front of the Lincoln Memorial to "Restore Honor".

The movement that has no central leader, but is associated with such political figures as the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and the US Senator Jim DeMint, spread throughout the country like a prairie fire and managed to stir the American politics quite a bit. In states such as Alaska, Delaware and New York, the Tea Party candidates defeated the Republican Party nominees and are now running against the Democrats. 

The movement is often dismissed as irrational. The President, who now calls his opposition "our enemies", seems not to understand the growing dissatisfaction with his policies and believes that people are simply under stress and cannot think clearly. 

Well, the tea partiers may not be "as sophisticated as the Washington elites" (Karl Rove), but they are definitely not an irrational bunch. They do not like what is going on in the country and express their displeasure in a rational manner. They simply do not want to end up living in an European style social democracy. 

Dominique Allmon

Mid-term elections in five days! Remember to cast your vote! Act wisely!

Image by Rodney Smith