Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Year of the Monkey!

In Chinese calendar, year 2016 is a Year of the Fire Monkey. It begins on February 8 and ends on January 27, 2017. 

Monkey in one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. According to a story told by the Chinese Buddhists, monkey was the ninth animal that arrived to a feast given by the Buddha. 

The Chinese astrologers assign zodiac signs to the Five Elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth.  The zodiac sign returns every twelve years, but a particular combination of the zodiac sign and the element occurs only every sixty years. This means that the next Fire Monkey will be celebrated in 2076! 

People born in a year of the Fire Monkey are considered ambitious and adventurous, but quick tempered and impatient. Because of their perfectionism, people born in the monkey years may be a little insecure and destructive.

Interestingly, monkey years are believed to be very unlucky for the people born in a year of the monkey. For everybody else, astrological predictions depend on their year of birth and how their zodiac animal relates to monkey.

Monkeys are considered to be smart and vigilant, but also very playful and even mischievous, so prepare yourself for a very interesting and somewhat unpredictable year. Fortunes could be made easily, but they could disappear as quickly as they were made. Think twice before you make a financial or a business decision and plan carefully.

Monkey can help you revive friendships and add some spark to your love relationship, but it can also bring quarrels and disputes. Fire monkey may add fuel to old feuds, but since the fire element stands for passion, this may be a year of love and emotional fulfillment.

Take good care of your health, but have as much fun as possible. Travel, read, create, but most of all, be curious and inventive. 

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year 
and a very prosperous Year of the Fire Monkey! 
Dominique Allmon



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