Thursday, December 3, 2015

Climate Change

First it was global cooling (1970s), then global warming (mid-1990s and on), now, probably out of pure embarrassment, it is simply the climate change. The heated debate brings skeptics, climate change deniers, fanatics and the hypocrites to, or near, each climate conference. And while the skeptics are being ridiculed; the deniers threatened with imprisonment; the fanatics ready to damp their cars and ride on bikes in cold and snow; the hypocrites are not in the slightest ashamed to travel in private jets from one corner of the Earth to another. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is chilling indeed. 

The current conference is under way in Paris where delegates of 195 countries responsible for negotiating a climate agreement are working together to pass a binding document that will put an end to, or at least slow down, the change of climate on planet Earth. The treaty may, or may not, include a plan to extinguish the Sun whose activity is in great part responsible for the irregular weather patterns and climate formation on Earth.

Forgive me my sarcasm, but climate change is a big and very lucrative business, and much of what is going on, is happening in the "dark," behind closed doors. One can only speculate on who is really involved here and who will profit the most.

The climate is visibly changing and the powers to be decided that we will have to pay for it. Emphasis on "we" not them. I wish that someone told me why the same group of actors suppresses the research on free energy that was originally initiated by Nicola Tesla.

The climate change dogma does not tolerate dissent of any kind. It preaches that climate change is anthropogenic or man-made. It also preaches that the changes are irreversible, but can be slowed down by restricting human activities that caused them. No matter that climate changes are cyclical. No matter that some serious causes of climate change come from nature. 

The natural causes of climate change include changes in Earth's orbit and in the amount of energy emitted by the Sun. Furthermore, volcanic eruptions are also considered to cause variations in climate. The eco-fascists, however, do not even bother to take these factors into consideration. The wild nature only spoils the rigid models developed in laboratory setting. Such narrative supports a sinister political agenda of a certain group of people and cannot be changed. 

Scientists who propagate the "global cooling, global warming, climate change" theory want us to believe that recent changes in climate cannot be explained by nature alone. They claim that most of the warming since the mid-1900s is caused by human activity, most notably by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. This human activity contributes to the greenhouse effect whereas heat is "trapped" by gases such as carbon dioxide. A drastic reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels would consequently lead to cooling and stabilization of climate. At least in theory, as postulated by these same scientists. 

That plants need carbon dioxide for their growth and development is not often considered in these equations. The systematic destruction of the jungles in Indonesia and Brazil and the deforestation of other regions is an industrial factor often overlooked in the debates as if the one thing had nothing to do with the other.

We've been duped before. Do you remember the Climategate? Certain scientists had to admit in the past that they falsified data in their climate models to prove that there was global warming, and yet, their theories were sold to us as the only truth that there was. Can we trust them again? Why should we?

Individually, for each of us, the changing weather patterns are only a fraction of what we have been able to observe and understand in our relatively short lives. I was born in July and my mother told me that it was so cold back then that people actually thought it would snow. I have never ever experienced such a cold summer again and I would be lying if I told you that things right now are just the way they were five, ten, or fifteen years ago. Something is definitely going on. The summers are definitely getting hotter, the winters longer and colder. But this, of course, depends on where you live. 

In 1800s people in Northern Europe had a mini ice age to cope with. Charles Dickens witnessed a frozen Thames. In February 1814 London experienced the coldest frost it had known in many centuries. Reportedly, an elephant was led under the Blackfriars Bridge during annual frost fair. After that year Thames never froze again. From the perspective of Charles Dickens and his contemporaries this unprecedented climate warming might have felt like a disaster of sorts. And if it did not, it was only because people were so ignorant and unenlightened in the past. Right? I cannot help, but think that people in England actually welcomed that change and no one was thrown to Tower for causing the warm weather. There is also no record of whether the elephant was beheaded or not.

No one wants the planet to go under, but have you ever been near an oil field? The gas is often burned off, a wasteful practice that makes one wonder what is actually going on. And while the oil companies can do this without punishment, you might be fined in the future for having a barbecue party in your yard. Oil flaring seems to be an accepted practice, but a grill in the backyard might cause irreparable damage to the climate and perpetrators must be stopped by all means necessary. If this does not make you speechless, I don't know what would.

Not many people are aware of the fact that weather can indeed be manipulated and changed. The chemtrails and HAARP are not necessarily subjects of casual conversation. That this human activity may in fact be responsible for extreme weather and changes in climate does not even occur to those who decide to ride a bike to work in a snow blizzard with the hope that their humble contribution may save the Earth. There are too many unanswered questions, but when in doubt, follow the money.

Something must be done and everyone should care, but how much can you as an individual do to reverse damage caused by an extravaganza of others. Imagine a president of one country and his wife traveling in two different presidential 747 jumbo jets to one venue at one destination, to show up there at the same time, but feeling too important to even board one airplane. Imagine that the very same president vehemently preaches that climate change must be stopped by all means necessary, but it is of course you who must reconsider your carbon footprint. And to help you do this you were given a mercury loaded electric bulb that cannot be simply thrown away. So, remember to dispose of it correctly.
Dominique Allmon

Dominique Allmon©2015

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