Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pink October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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By the end of the first week in October, at the latest, everybody must have noticed that we are celebrating the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons, pink ribbon marathons, pink ribbon rallies, pink ribbon merchandise everywhere you go.

Breast cancer is a cancer that affects the breast tissues. It usually forms in the ducts that carry milk to the nipples and in the glands that make milk (lobules). This life-threatening disease affects mostly women, but also more and more men. 

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the world. It is a deadly disease that claims countless lives every year and yet, till this day there is no efficient cure for it. The currently offered therapy leaves breast cancer survivors scarred for life - if not physically than at least mentally.  

Breast cancer diagnosis comes as a shock even to those who have a breast cancer history in their families. To many people breast cancer certainly seems like a death sentence. And yet, breast cancer, like many other cancers, is a symptom of wrong choices we make daily. 

Breast cancer can be prevented! Prevention means a conscious, drastic change of a lifestyle - a step that more and more people are willing to take.

The importance of early detection of breast cancer cannot be underestimated. It takes only a few minutes a day to perform self-examination. 

Physical activity, stress control and healthy nutrition are absolutely vital in prevention of any disease and cancer is no exception. 

Research shows that many foods and nutrients have very high anti-tumor potential. By adding them to your daily nutritional plan you may be able to increase your survival chances. 

The anti breast-cancer diet should include high doses of:
  • vitamin D 
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin C 
  • calcium D-glucarate 
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • oleic acid
  • power foods such as pomegranate and raspberries
  • cruciferous vegetables rich in the cancer fighting indole-3-carbinole
  • curcumin found in Indian curry (turmeric)
  • green tea
  • graviola (soursop) 
  • soy isoflavones
  • flax rich in lingans
  • medicinal mushrooms such as shiitake and maitake
Currently even Cannabis is considered to be a potential cure for many cancers, including the breast cancer. Although by federal law possession of cannabis (marijuana) is illegal in the United States, a growing number of states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to legalize its use for medical purposes. 

Research shows that cannabinoids (compounds of Cannabis) activate specific receptors throughout the body to produce healing effects, especially in the nervous system and in the immune system. 

The FDA does not approve Cannabis as a treatment for cancer or any other medical condition. However, commercially available cannabinoids, such as nabilone, are approved for the treatment of cancer-related side effects.

Advanced breast cancer does not respond well to therapy. This fact makes prevention more important than ever. Knowledge may save lives.

By Dominique Allmon

Dominique Allmon@2015


* This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.