Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra or Anahata is the fourth of the seven chakras in the energy body. It is believed to be the seat of love and compassion which is located at the level of the physical heart, at the center of the chest.

The heart chakra is dedicated to overcoming separation and division. When the heart center is blocked, there is a sense of alienation from others. When the heart center is open and flowing, you feel connected at a deep level to all beings in your life. 

The Law of Giving and Receiving governs the heart chakra. Love can take many different forms at different stages of life. The love of child for her mother is different than a mother’s love for her child. A friend’s love is different than that of a passionate lover or the love of a student for his teacher. However, the common thread in each of these expressions of love is the impulse to unify - to overcome separation. This is the true nature of the heart. 

Every act of giving is simultaneously an act of receiving. Each time you welcome a gift into your life, you are providing the opportunity for someone to give. Just as a healthy physical heart receives blood from the periphery which it then oxygenates and pumps back out, your emotional heart stays healthy by receiving and giving love in all its forms.

If you have an under active chakra, you may possess these traits:
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-confidence
  • Lack of concern for others
  • Respiratory and circulatory disorders
  • Heart disorders
If you have an over active chakra, you may possess these traits:
  • A tendency to always feel responsible for others
  • A dominating personality
  • You tend to be over controlling in relationships
  • Respiratory and circulatory disorders
  • Heart disorders
If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, you may have an unbalanced heart chakra. Meditation and mindfulness will help you work on correcting these tendencies. You will not only be able to balance the energy flow in heart chakra, but also express your emotions in a free and honest way. Simple heart opening yoga exercises will support this process.


Article and image source unknown, but greatly appreciated