Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Healing with Vitamins


Many chronic conditions can be alleviated with nutrition and nutritional supplements. The FDA suggested daily doses of nutrients. These doses are minimal, but necessary in order to maintain health and avoid disease. For those who suffer from chronic disorders the doses of nutrients have to be increased in order to correct imbalances or alleviate conditions caused by lifestyle choices and inadequate nutrition. 

When purchasing a nutritional supplement, consider its bio-availability. Choose food state supplements, preferably raw, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable extracts. 

Nutritional supplements are vital, but it is absolutely necessary to remember that they can never replace a wholesome diet. Increase consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables and detoxify on regular basis to alkalize your body. This is vital as the pathogens can only thrive in highly acidic, poorly oxygenated environment. 

In radiant health,

Dominique Allmon

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