Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Sisters the Stars

My sisters, the stars
Are overwhelmingly radiant tonight.
I am interpenetrated by their glow.
I feel a shiver creeping along my spine.
Was I one of them? Is the pulse of my heart
A part of the cosmic beat of the rhythm of the stars?

I don't have an urge to dwell in the stars
Because I am there already. They are in me.
Smiling with joy when I write poetry
Thinking through my mind when I think philosophy.
As I look into my destiny I ask the stars:
What do you want me to become?
They tell me to transcend all human measures
And promise a life beyond human horizons.
Is this the cause of the shiver that runs along my spine?

Oh, my sister stars, how beautiful you are!
May I bask in your inexhaustible energy?
May I live to the promise
Contained in the radiance of your glow?
May I redeem you
By helping to redeem the human race?
May I continue the cycle you have started
From the cosmic dust to the Cosmic Christ?
May I glow to enlighten the path of all beings?

By Henryk Skolimowski