Sunday, April 1, 2012

Unexplained Cow Abductions in Roswell!

Every year around this time unusual things happen around Roswell. The precious Black Angus cows disappear en masse from the surrounding ranches. Some ranchers reported that they found their animals brutally mutilated. Organs were missing from the carcasses and strange, indecipherable markings have been made on the animals' necks.

Although no UFO sightings were registered in the area for quite some time, the locals suspect that their cows were victims of alien abduction and mischief. A witness who wished to remain anonymous remembers seeing some orbs in the sky on his way to Santa Fe.

Roswell is a very strange place. No one here was really alarmed when the entire Alien Parade disappeared last year from the Main Street. But the tasty, well nourished cows are entirely different matter.

Should you be visiting Roswell at this time, do not wonder about the exorbitant steak prices at the local restaurants. The Black Angus is in short supply, but the demand is ever rising...

Dominique Allmon ©2012

Image source abducted by aliens