Monday, February 6, 2012

UFOs - Lifting the Veil

By Stuart Davis

Whatever our respective beliefs about UFOs may be, in one regard we are all in the same boat: We are contending with a lot of data. Tens of thousands of sightings and encounters.

In fact, the type and source of data have changed dramatically. The field of UFOlogy has long been plagued with sloppy research and slippery testimony from sketchy sources. But in recent years it has transformed, reshaped by first person testimony from high caliber eyewitnesses. Hundreds of top-ranking military officials, powerful governmental figures, pilots, astronauts, and former covert operatives with secret clearance have come forward and provided video-taped testimony on their firsthand experience with UFOs. They originate from all corners of the globe, and put their names - and sometimes their lives - on the line in order to reveal what they generally describe as a tragic, calamitous cover-up.

Even a cursory survey of Leslie Kean's book, UFO's: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record is a wake up call. Whatever the 5% of genuinely unexplainable UFOs are, they are no longer the province of speculation from the periphery of pseudo-science. Exemplars of reason, experts held in great esteem in their fields, are coming forward in droves to say we are really missing it. "It"being the ostensible reality that an intelligent presence of unknown origin is operating - with apparent impunity - over our military bases and sovereign air space.

There are numerous ways to interpret this information from hundreds of military and government officials (leaving out the tens of thousands of civilian encounters). But the nature of WHAT we are interpreting has changed. We are no longer merely trying to make sense of strange lights in the sky, or surreal encounters with objects we can't explain. We must now make sense of (as I see it) two major bodies of information:
  • The first-person testimony from high caliber "expert" witnesses. This category includes many hundreds of military and government figures who claim direct experience with that 5% of truly unidentifiable objects. 
  • The first-person testimony of tens of thousands of people who describe (with alarming congruence across cultures and continents) encounters and abductions at the hands of alien entities. These "experiencers" are adamant that these encounters are not dreams, or night paralysis, or hallucinations. They state repeatedly they know the difference, and this experience occupies its own ontological bandwidth. They have been shown to be no more prone to psychosis than the general population.

I can see five very generalized categories of explanation:
  • Explanation 1: People are reporting honestly, but understanding incorrectly. Maybe these trained figures experienced something, but they are misinterpreting it, or they are engineering a story around it. There are events, but the events are uniformly misunderstood by the people experiencing them. In other words, there is a natural, terrestrial explanation for these events.
  • Explanation 2: There are UFOs, but they are human in origin. There is simply a level of technology which is so secretive, so hidden, that not even these military officials, Pentagon figures, or governmental leaders are aware of it or allowed access to it. Therefore, when they experience it firsthand, it appears so radically exotic that the most rational explanation available is that it is alien. Alternately, perhaps they do know it is terrestrial in origin, and they willfully lie and misrepresent the truth in order to advance a top secret government agenda. It's just so sensitive, it trumps the constitution and
  • Explanation 3: UFOs are terrestrial and extra-governmental. That is to say, there are trans-national, secret organizations which have supplanted the power and authority of World governments, including the U.S. and its constitution. They strive to implement some inscrutable theater of UFO operations, presumably toward the goal of a New World Order or nefarious grip over the planet. In this scenario, our government and military officials are as frustrated as the general population, and any secrecy that exists arises from them not wanting to "lose face" in admitting they do not control the air space over our nation, much less surrounding our planet.
  • Explanation 4: UFOs are extra-terrestrial in origin. In this scenario, the hundreds of military and government officials coming forward are taking bold steps to lift the veil on a clandestine pilfering of our human endowment. The most astounding discovery in the history of humanity is being kept from us. For various reasons - many of which are easy to understand - the reality of this intelligent presence on our planet has been obscured, distorted, and covered up by governments and other unseen powers. Perhaps it began as a short-term response to an event (Roswell, etc) which authorities believed was too profound for the public to absorb. Perhaps they believed, with good reason, that civilization, or the geo-political balance of power, was too fragile or unpredictable to risk unveiling such a reality-altering truth. Whatever the case, this cover up had to be maintained and expanded as the UFO episodes continued. The cover-up necessarily grew ever more bizarre and circuitous. Decades later the phenomena and its endless encryption via distortion and secrecy are unrecognizable even to those complicit in its continuance.

    Maybe you work at the Pentagon, or maybe you're the President, or maybe you're a two star General; this doesn't mean you will be able to gain access to, or an understanding of, the Reality Behind the Appearances. In this scenario, it is also quite possible (and is reported by those 'in the know') that a significant portion of those extra-governmental operatives administering this 'cover up' are sick of it, and want it to end. In that sub-plot, there is a fracturing occurring even within the ranks of those maintaining the Lie. But the stakes have become so high, and so bizarre, that it triggers a kind of default paralysis in the Body of Deceit.

  • Explanation 5: UFOs are extra-terrestrial in origin, but the features of these phenomena have been intentionally distorted and blended with human-made and human-engineered items which mimic or masquerade as extra-terrestrial phenomena. In this scenario, secret powers have managed to abscond with extra-terrestrial craft, artifacts, or even bodies. They have succeeded in reverse-engineering (or mimicking) some of the technology, and while disguising the true nature of the phenomena, they opportunistically seize on public confusion and ignorance to advance their own agenda. Presumably again, this agenda has something to do with power over the planet and its resources. A measure of this meddling and disinformation is either tolerated by or irrelevant to the Phenomena.


Article source INTEGRAL+LIFE
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