Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Magical Tree

There is an old parable about a poor man who wandered in the woods reflecting upon his many troubles. Exhausted from walking he stopped to take a rest and reclined against a tree. He did not know that this was a magical tree that would instantly grant anyone who came in contact with it all their wishes no matter how grand they were.

The man was exhausted and thirsty and wished he had something to drink. Instantly a cup of cool water was in his hand. Shocked, he looked at the water and did not quite know what to do with it. But he was too thirsty to waste it. He decided that the water was safe and drank it enjoying every single sip.

His thirst satisfied, the men realized that he was very hungry. Indeed, he did not even remember when was the last time he had a meal and wished for something to eat. An opulent meal appeared before him. Astonished, but too hungry to reject the delicacies he began to eat thinking in disbelief: "This really is very strange. There must be some kind of magic because my wishes were granted on the spot. What if I wanted something big? I never had a home... I wish for a beautiful house," he said out loud. And sooner than he could even finish the sentence, a neat home appeared before him.

A huge smile crossed his face and he wished for servants to take care of the house. When they appeared he realized that he wasn't dreaming. Things just materialized out of nowhere. He had somehow been blessed with an incredible power.  

Now that he had a house, he wished for a beautiful, loving, clever woman to share his good fortune. Almost instantly a beautiful woman appeared and smiled at him.
"Wait a minute, this must be an illusion," he said to the woman. "I'm not this lucky. I must be dreaming or something. This cannot possibly be happening to me."

As he uttered this words, everything vanished as quickly as it appeared before him. He shook his head and said, "I knew it! This could not have been real," and then walked away thinking about his many troubles...