Thursday, January 12, 2012

You Are the Universe

You are the air you breathe. You are the food you eat. You are every human being. You are every blade of grass. You are every tree, every insect, every mammal. You are every fish and coral and crab. You are every grain of sand. You are every mountain range and grass plain.   You are the oceans. You are all the iron and nickel and silicon in the center of the earth.  In fact, you ARE the earth, intimately intertwined, connected, inseparable.  Every atom and all the cells and minerals and forms that they compose in this hyper-complex system.

You are every photon that hits the earth or leaves it. You are the sun. You are every hydrogen and helium atom, every electron changing energy levels. You are every gamma ray. You are every magnetic loop and filament, every solar flare. You are every little wave of light that has ever left the sun, traveling across the universe.

You are the icecaps of Mars, the storms of Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn. You are dust on asteroids, you are nitrogen ice on Pluto.

You are the suns magnetic field. You are interstellar hydrogen.  You are Alpha Centauri, you are Arcturus. You are Sirius and Procyon and Deneb and Alberio. You are Gilese 581. You are the Orion nebula, you are the Pleiades. You are the every star you can see in the night sky.  Every planet and comet and asteroid and atom that orbits these stars. You are all the stars that you cannot see, but that are still their, boiling with momentous energy. You are White Dwarfs and Red Giants. You are Neutron Stars and Black Holes.

You are The Milky Way Galaxy. You are Globular clusters. You are Andromeda and Triangulum and the Whirlpool galaxy. You are every galaxy. All the stars and planets and atoms and light and particles they contain. All the creation and destruction, all the alternate forms of life, every icy moon and gas giant billions of light years away.

You are every photon and neutrino and proton and neutron traveling in the space between galaxies. You are every quark and boson, graviton and gluon. You are the lonely stars and planets that have been cast out of their galaxies, wandering through nothingness for eternity.  You are electromagnetism. You are gravity. You are the nuclear forces. You are the fabric of space-time itself.

You are the hyper-dense plasma of the beginning of creation. You are the epochs of a thin mist of super-hot hydrogen gas. You are the first stars. You are galaxies forming, solar systems manifesting. You are the sun casting off its outer layers and cooling. You are the last star to form. You are the last proton that evaporates. You are the forever that happens after. You are everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen.

You came inexplicably from a single point. You are growing and expanding. You are a beautiful, four-dimensional self-influencing tapestry. You evolve through many forms. You become more complex over time. You create mechanisms by which you can know yourself. You are so large that everything that can exist, does.

You may think that you are small, that you are separate. This is just an illusion.

You are the cosmos. You are the whole universe. You are everything. You are infinite...

Author unknown but greatly appreciated