Thursday, December 9, 2010

Healing Properties of Quartz Crystal

Pure quartz, also known as quartz crystal, rock crystal or clear quartz, is a naturally occurring form of silicon dioxide that crystallizes into various shapes. It can be found everywhere around the world in form of grains, druses, clusters, and hexagonal prisms.

Quartz crystal is colorless and transparent or translucent. It has piezoelectric properties and can develop high electric potential under the application of mechanical stress. This quality of quartz makes it indispensable in many branches of science and technology.

Quartz crystal is considered to be a mystical stone. It has been used in various rituals since prehistoric times in most civilizations of the world, most importantly in Europe and Australia.

In esoteric circles quartz crystal is known as the master stone or a master healer. It can amplify positive energy and channel thought. It has a strong effect on other crystals and can be used to magnify their energetic potential. It can absorb, store, release, conduct and regulate energy.

Quartz crystal has the unique capacity to clear and dispel negative energies. It is powerful enough to neutralize background radiation and electromagnetic smog. It may also protect from the petrochemical exhaust and should therefore be used while driving or traveling on the airplane.

Quartz crystal has been successfully used to balance all aspects of being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It can be applied to revitalize all planes of existence. It can be used to amplify energy of the subtle bodies and to enhance psychic abilities. The stone is potent enough to create altered states of consciousness in susceptible individuals.

Quartz crystal is a perfect stone to establish a connection between the physical dimension and the mind. It helps concentration, stimulates memory and enhances recall. It balances the brain hemispheres and helps retain calm and clarity in stressful situations. It helps define and clarify one's convictions and beliefs and establish a harmonious connection with others and the universe. 

On the physical plane, quartz crystal is used as a potent healing stone that has the capacity to improve  the function of many organs. Applied to the neck, it helps stimulate under-active  thyroid gland. It is also useful in balancing respiratory ailments and sore throat. Worn in the vicinity of the heart, quartz crystal is able to stimulate the thymus gland, thus enhancing the immune function and one's ability to fight infections. Worn on the wrist, it helps balance the flow of energy in the meridians. 

It helps align the chakras and balance energy flow in the body, thus contributing to physical, mental and emotional wellness. Worn or carried on a person, it protects the aura and amplifies one's energy field, thus reducing the vulnerability to external influences.

Spaces where quartz crystal is placed are experienced as energetically balanced and harmonious. Quartz crystal produces a strong energy field that transmutes negative energies and amplifies the positive attributes of the space.

Quartz crystal is associated with the crown chakra. It is believed to activate this energy center and facilitate communication with the higher self. It aides meditation and enhances spiritual experience.

Quartz crystal should be cleaned and recharged from time to time. You may want to use salt water to wash the crystals and place them in the sun to recharge. 

Quartz crystal is a beautiful healing stone. It is not only a powerful healing stone, but also a wonderful decorative element. It comes in many shapes and its beauty and clarity makes it a perfect object for contemplation.

By Dominique Allmon

*This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.

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