Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hope and Blessing Upon You

The words never seem to correctly convey our feelings in moments like these. How blessed we are to live in this country and yet how much more we desire it to be. Today, though, we take a moment to verbally honor and thank those who have fallen protecting us and our way of life and advancing freedom for those they would never know domestic and abroad. Most importantly we take time to consider the children, parents, spouses, comrades and friends of those who are here no more. Words sometimes cannot express what only sympathetic tears attempt to. Whatever our political stances are, today we say we love you, and are so thankful for the daily sacrifices your family continues to make in the absence of your loved one. With abundant gratitude, my family and I pray for an extra portion of comfort, hope and blessing upon you this Memorial Day. - Benjamin Watson, American Football Player

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