Saturday, November 8, 2014

Getting Ready For the Holiday Season

How to Shop Online and Save Money?

As the Holiday season is approaching, many people have already prepared long shopping lists. All the gifts that have to be bought and wrapped, all the ornaments, all the food that has to bought and prepared, all the wine and champagne! The new shoes, jackets and scarves! 

Some people never shop online, but those who do always look for best deals possible. I personally do not know many people who would not want to save money while shopping. 

Few of my Facebook friends are probably an exception. Some of them do not care to save money, others are happy with the discounts they are already making with their in-store programs. One friend even told my husband that he pays for everything with his Platinum Amex Card and does not need any deals. Good for him. I hope that there are more people like this.  

As we, my husband and I, mentioned the cash-back network that we have joined recently, some of our friends rolled their eyes and reacted as if we were trying to take their money away.

This was a really strange experience. Why should we even care whether someone is saving money at all? 

Unlike my wealthy Facebook friends, I love to save as much as I can. I work hard for my money and love to spend it intelligently.

 Doing my research online I found out that extremely wealthy people were often very frugal. Some of them were almost pathological misers, but even those who had an healthy attitude towards money admitted that they were quite frugal. 

We do not always look for the cheapest deals. I love to indulge. I love luxury. I love quality. But I love to get it at fairly reasonable price. What's wrong with this? Even Donald Trump admits that he goes to China to get best deals for his company.

Who would not want to book a five star hotel and a first class air ticket, get his frequent flyer's miles and receive additional cash-back after he paid for his transaction with his Platinum Amex Card? A triple dip, so to say.  Who would not want to buy a designer suit, get a discount with a store card and take additional 5 or 9% off of the price tag?

While shopping online look for:
  • seasonal online sales
  • coupons
  • vouchers
  • get two-buy one free-deals
  • "like" the store of your choice on social networks such as Facebook and receive a special discount coupon
You can also visit a website you like and subscribe for a newsletter. They offer you their best deals via e-mail and you my even receive an discount voucher for subscribing. Two recent newsletter subscriptions saved me $38 on my shopping and I got my goods postage free. 

You may save even more money when you join a loyalty program. Many stores have loyalty store cards and offer great deals for their customers online and in their physical stores. Many of these stores participate in networks that offer customers additional savings in form of cash-back and coupons. Smart shoppers quickly learn to combine all benefits and buy from stores that offer the best deals. Retailers, on the other hand, are able to offer best possible deals when they participate in cash-back networks since networks have much higher leverage against stand-alone stores. 

DubLi is one such network and you can join it for free and start saving right away. No matter where you live. There are three levels of membership plans and there is no risk involved since the membership can be cancelled at any time. Start with a free membership to see what the network is doing for you. Upgrade if you are happy or cancel if you are not satisfied with the savings you have made.

Go for it! Whether you are shopping online, making an online trip reservation, or paying for your utilities, you can save big money. You can use your coupons in stores that participate in the cash-back program. And you can use your membership and mileage cards as you normally would. The only difference is that as a DubLi member you will receive extra cash on top of your best deals. Who would not want that?

Since not all of us are capable of making really smart decisions, I leave it up to you to answer this question next time you do your Google search for a badly needed item. Cheers!

By Dominique Allmon

Dominique Allmon©2014 

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