Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Joy of Living with Small Animals

Baby Sonora

About a year ago we were abandoned by our cat Madame M. A bit more than two months later we had to bid farewell to our beloved Agent Orange. It was a very difficult time for us. The pain of losing them both was unbearable and we decided that we would not have any pets for a long time. 

The "long time" lasted for a bit more than eight months until James went to see eight husky puppies at a friends house. One was prettier than the other and he could not resist a temptation. He was free to chose one of the babies. He picked up a girl and  we named her Sonora. Like the desert.


We also wanted to have a kitty. Black if possible. But we did not want to have an  alley cat anymore since we were told by a veterinarian that most feral cats in Roswell are infected with feline aids. The loss of Agent Orange was very painful and we did not want to repeat the same experience with another stray cat. 

James made a trip to Humane Society and spotted a beautiful black baby cat who was very friendly and seemed to like him right away. The sympathy was returned and we decided to take her home. We named her Lulu. 

 Lulu and Sonora - first encounter

Lulu was about four months old and unlike Sonora she was bathroom trained. She had a home before, but for reasons unknown to us she and her mother were given away and ended up at Humane Society. Someone adopted her mother, but Lulu was locked up in a cage and still needed home. We did not even have to think twice. Especially after we discovered that Sonora liked Lulu and Lulu wasn't afraid of her at all.

This is how our adventure with small animals began. 

It is years since we both had  dogs. Cats learn fast, but puppies need special attention so  James bought a book that would help us  train and understand Sonora. Like two thirsty sponges we also soaked up all the tips from friends who already have dogs.

As days passed we questioned our sanity more than once. One must be mad to willingly get up at 2 a.m. to walk the dog in the backyard, but the alternative of stepping into a puddle first thing in the morning was even less appealing. 

Sonora is learning fast and our night trips to the backyard are becoming a rarity. Soon  we  may even miss getting up in the middle of the night.

Our pets have toys to play with and seem to never get bored. Sonora chews on everything she can find: cushions, cat's tail, sticks, tennis balls, small birds she caught in the backyard...

One day James discovered that Sonora chewed up his favorite summer shoes. The only question we had was how did she get them. She was too small to grab them from the  shelf. But when James saw our tiny, shiny Lulu dragging his slipper from the bathroom, everything become clear. The dog was in cahoots with the cat! Nothing seemed to be safe in our house anymore. Especially, since Lulu decided to redecorate our home and Sonora was willing to help.
Lulu with her teddy

The window curtains are in shreds now and the couch proved to be a perfect place for cat's manicure. There is not a day that we are wondering about here daily activities. How come Madame M and Agent Orange ignored our curtains and Lulu seems to obsessed with them? They did not even bother much to scratch the sofa. And they did not even touch the Christmas tree once... 


No matter what, life is so much more interesting with our two baby animals. The puppy loves cat food, the kitty eats dog food. They play together and sometimes we would see Lulu running for her life as Sonora loves to chase small, furry things that move. My heart stops out of fear that Sonora might snap Lulu's spine with her sharp teeth. Minutes later we see the kitty teasing the puppy and everything becomes clear. They are both guilty and innocent at the same time. 

Everything is well again when they collapse exhausted from all the mischief and go to sleep at least for a while... 

By Dominique Allmon