Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Way I See It

 The President

Americans are like children. They quickly forget the fire that burned their fingers. - quote from a 1942 "Black Dragons" movie 

The battle is not over yet, but I can already see it! Americans have to prepare themselves for another four years of Obama's presidency. The Democratic Party's convention began in Charlotte, North Carolina with a magnificent applause to Michelle Obama's speech. It was a bad hair day for Michelle, but she definitely made it clear to all who watched that her husband deserves another term whether he deserves it or not.

Although Romney's numbers are changing to his advantage in most states, he is not going to win the elections, I am afraid. Do not get me wrong. I do believe that Governor Romney is the man America needs badly, but the American society is so demoralized and so dependent on the government's handouts that they will never embrace a man who wants to change things in order to save the country from a total financial collapse. 

This week the national debt will rich the $16 trillion mark and the Democrats claim that they need another $3 trillion to make the things work, because the $5 trillion they already spent was not enough to get things moving. The President who told us that if he did not get the things done by the end of his first term would not run again now claims that he needs more time. More money and more time to move forward... in the wrong direction!

The Democrats cannot honestly answer the Regan's question whether Americans are better off today than they were four years ago. Obama's chief campaign adviser David M. Axelrod would not even attempt to answer this question in an interview and Maryland's Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley who admitted that he could not honestly give a positive answer when asked by Bob Schiffer, claimed that this was not the question for this elections.

If you are unemployed and destitute, you may be better off today because the government now spends more money on food stamps that it ever did before. In June alone food stamps use climbed to a record amount of $46,7 million!

President Obama doubled the national debt during his first term, the unemployment rate never went down below the 8% mark, and  price of gasoline doubled. And saddest of all, the American society has never been as divided as it is now. Moreover, America's relationship with its allies Poland and Israel is strained, but the President is happy. He received an endorsement from Venezuela's Marxist president Hugo Chavez! Who cares about the regional security in the Middle East or Central Europe? 

People love President Obama. His likeability is sufficient to secure him the next term. Unfortunately.

By  Dominique Allmon



Image source here
The image of the President was tweeted by the President himself after Clint Eastwood's stand up stunt at the Republican National Convention. The President tweeted "This seat's taken."