Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreams from My Father

President Barack Obama with his dog BO
 President Barack Obama with his dog BO

"Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance" is a memoir written by the US President Barack Obama. 

The book was first published in July 1995 when Mr Obama was about to launch his political career. It tells a story of Obama's life up to his enrollment to Harvard Law School.

Obama examines his white Mid-Western heritage on his mother's side and explores the world of his father, a Kenyan Muslim who came to the United States to study.

Obama who grew up as a mixed-race child in Hawaii and Indonesia, discusses his attempt to reconcile his racial identity with his experience through a period of rebellion that included drug use, community activism in Chicago and a trip to Kenya to understand his absent father's past.

It is in Kenya, a Sub-Saharan African nation that he recognizes the dichotomy between the colonial servant's mind of his grandfather and the anti-colonialist rebellion and moral superiority of his father. 

The narration ends in the 1990s, and although it does not offer much insight to Obama's academic experience, it helps the reader understand the President's ideological roots. 

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