Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon

The symbol of the dragon in Chinese culture is very ancient and dates back to the fifth millennium B.C.

In the Chinese mythology and folklore dragon is an auspicious symbol of power, strength,  good luck, and happiness. In imperial China dragon symbolized imperial power of the Emperor. The throne on which the Emperor sat was called the Dragon Throne.

Dragon is usually portrayed by a long, lizard-like, scaled four legged creature that controls the realm of weather and water and is responsible for rain, floods, and hurricanes. Unlike European dragons Chinese dragons are not evil, but they may be tempestuous and very unpredictable.

Dragon is the fifth of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. He is the only creature that is legendary.  

Year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon or Black Dragon. Water is one of the Five Elements in Chinese philosophy. In the Five Elements system it is represented by the color black. The water element brings such qualities like intelligence and wisdom, flexibility and softness and will calm the normally tempestuous nature of the dragon.

The Chinese geomancers associate Year of the Dragon with new beginning and good fortune. This is a good year to start a business. Any new venture, including marriage, is bound to succeed. People born under this sign are usually very gifted and very lucky.

Those less fortunate who suffered losses and misfortune in the past may expect some positive change. 

But no matter what the predictions for the Year of the Dragon may be, remember that you are the ultimate master of your fate.  

Wishing everyone Happy and Auspicious Chinese New Year - Dominique
新 年 快 樂 !