Friday, September 16, 2011

Attack Watch - The New Ministry of Truth?

Public humiliation of an intellectual during the Cultural Revolution in China
 Public humiliation of an intellectual
during the Cultural Revolution in China

We will be watching you!

Something strange is happening in the USA right now. There is a new website that was set up to single out and intimidate the "enemies" of the President Obama. The website is called Attack Watch and is paid for by "Obama for America" unit.

It is really quite shocking to me that in a country that actually invented the free speech as constitutional right of its citizens such things are even possible.

The "race card" does not work anymore, so the Obama supporters had to refine their tactics and devise new ways to handle their "enemies".

The reader might remember that it was President Obama himself who first called his Republican opponents "our enemies" during the mid-term elections of 2010. This was unprecedented and came as a shock to the Republicans, but was ignored by the Liberals. Just imagine Reagan or Bush calling the Democrats "our enemies"! These two presidents, however, not only had some sense of decorum, they understood where the real enemies were.

The Attack Watch website appears in colors favored by the German and the South African Nazis: black, white and red. Nice design, really. You can report an attack, learn the "truth" and donate money to fight the attacks on President Obama.

Any critic will be brand-marked and displayed as an "attacker" and hopefully destroyed, discredited or at least silenced.

A picture of an "attacker" and his slanderous statements would appear on the left; the "truth" on the right. Dextra et sinistra! Right and wrong! The good and the evil?

The whole set-up is not as innocuous as one may think. And it isn't really funny, although jokes about it are already circulating in the Internet. This is an implementation of the Saul Alinsky's rule number 13: pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

There are many parallels in the history and even Orwell wrote about it. The whole thing reminds me reminds me of the brown shirts who would mercilessly intimidate German citizens in the 1930s.

It reminds me of the Bolsheviks who had their own ways in post-czarist Russia and of Stalin's cleansing campaign.

It has some similarities with the East German StaSi and the denunciation practices in the former East Germany: see something, say something.

It calls to mind Mao's Revolutionary Guards who protected the cult of Mao with the utmost violence. Anyone who would even dare to criticize their beloved Chairman was beaten and publicly displayed. If he survived the abuse, he was sent to a labor camp for re-education.

It reeks of the Big Brother's Ministry of Information. Every form of dissent, free thinking or a critique is at first discouraged, then prohibited. There is no place for dissent and only one line of thought is permitted. Those who dare to say something against the tyrant or the system are publicly humiliated or worse.

The history repeats itself over and over. And things never happen over night, but spread like a poisonous mist, slowly but surely. Once the thought control system is established in the society, the way to violence is wide open.

The masses always love their leader. To them he is the savior, the benevolent father who makes sure that they are fed, clad and taken care of. They would follow him and execute any order he might give them, no matter how cruel or absurd. They love him blindly and would do everything to protect him from critics, dissenters, and "enemies". But their leader is not an infallible figure. He is a megalomaniac with a deep seated inferiority complex. He needs the personality cult if he wants to survive politically. The failures of his ideology are blamed on others and others are usually punished for his own mistakes...

Although the Attack Watch is a ridiculous attempt to intimidate critics and whistle blowers, those who wish to protect their constitutional right to free speech must be vigilant. This is only a beginning.

By Dominique Allmon © 2011


Now, only few months before election Attack watch is run by the truth team. The whole design has changed. If you visited the site before, you ended up in an Orwellian black-red page. Now it looks "friendly". Check it out here

Dominique, July 11, 2012