Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Which Way, America?

The recent heated national debt debate demonstrated how divided America really is. Amidst anger, acrimony, and unimaginable political cowardice the deal was finally struck in Congress leaving millions of people deeply disappointed. As one Congressman put it, this was not the best deal possible, but the best possible deal. Was it really? 

The deal was accepted by the President and has yet to be ratified by the Senate.

The saddest thing of all, however, is the fact that the debate took place in a most hateful  political climate. The treatment the Tea Party patriots received in the media and in Congress itself was simply unbelievable. 

In a country which refuses to call the real terrorists terrorists, the movement that sprung out of deep concern for the country's future, was compared to hostage takers, terrorists trying to destroy the American Dream, economic terrorists holding a gun to the President's head, the jihadists, the Hezbollah, and the Wahhabis, etc, etc. Of all people, even the Vice-President Biden dared to compare the negotiations with Tea Party Republicans to the negotiations with the terrorists.  

How is it possible that people who are deeply concerned with America's future, receive so much contempt?

Such lack of civility is deeply appalling and leaves one wonder what actually happened to a fair political discourse. Why  are people who are willing to drive the country into its financial demise more respected than those who want to save it? How is it possible that outdated ideologies are experiencing their revival in the United States? 

Much more can be written here, but I will leave it at that. America is a unique country and its people have an unlimited capacity for healing and forgiveness. It is time to roll up the sleeves and return to work. American economy needs a serious make over. Ideological dispute should not stand in the way to reconstruction.

Dominique Allmon ©2011


According to the leftist opinion makers, the House GOP made a huge mistake to even allow the Tea Party freshmen to dominate the debt debate. The Tea Party freshmen are compared to immature adolescents who should not even seat at the dinner table when the elders are talking. They are being compared to immature boy-men. I find this is outrageous! The problems that we have right now stem from the "mental ossification" of those who hold on to their Congressional seats for too long. They, on both sides of the, believe that only they have the wisdom and experience to say anything of importance. But look where we are! The establishment does not want to be challenged.

Image by Rodney Smith
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