Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sex on the Moon

Moon rocks!
In 2002, Thad Roberts, a 25-year-old student stole 17 pounds of moon rocks from the Johnson Space Center in Houston to impress his Texan girlfriend.

By Larry Lebovitz

As he is portrayed in Ben Mezrich’s latest book, the fascinating protagonist - an excommunicated Mormon disowned by his family for having pre-marital sex - in Sex on the Moon possesses a dangerous and sometimes hilarious combination of characteristics: A brilliant scientific mind, boundless ambition, limited self-esteem and an underdeveloped moral compass.

When Thad Roberts arrives in Houston for a prestigious NASA fellowship, he becomes the life of the party, the ring leading intern willing to take the biggest risks and who organizes the coolest outdoor adventures. Much to Roberts’ own astonishment, big-brained, hot-bodied wannabe astronaut chicks dig him, and guys want to be like him.

Roberts finds the attention exhilarating. By 25, his long-distance marriage to his childhood sweetheart is essentially over when Roberts falls hard for a 22-year-old biologist in the NASA program. A few lusty weeks later, Roberts decides to prove his love by literally giving her the moon - or, more accurately, stealing a 600-pound safe filled with samples from all six Apollo moon landings...
"Enthralling read for anyone who ever dreamed about being an astronaut, or promised to give someone else the moon." - Malissa Kent