Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Requiem for Norway

In memory of all those who perished in a senseless attack

Fields of Stone

Moon shadows as a blanket sewn
Over yet another who's come home
Only to be left there on their own
Beneath fields of stone.

Heads bowed o'er a star bannered box
Then silence breaks with rifle shots
As taps sound out I stand and watch
From fields of stone.

A mother's loving heart's cut deep
Sisters cling to them and weep
Their fallen tears begin to seep
Into fields of stone.

In father's eyes are wars of past
All had hoped they'd seen the last
Still moonlight weaves a blanket fast
Over fields of stone.

Now paths of life seem so steep
As they leave loved ones there to sleep
Knowing some day again they'll meet
Above fields of stone.

By Don Lewis 

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