Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Little Black Dress


For James

I knew Kate for quite some time already. We used to work together and exchanged occasional e-mails, but never met socially. Until last Christmas, that is...

We decided to celebrate Christmas in New York City and booked a suite at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We wanted to see some shows, so Broadway looked like best place to be. I booked my flight and got my stuff together. I was very anxious not miss my flight. So much snow fell over the last couple of days that I decided to drive to the airport earlier. I still did not have any gift for Kate and hoped to find something at the airport. O'Hare is huge and I hoped to find something she might like. 

I checked in my bags and went through the security control. Not as horrible as the last week. I found a store I liked and bought the most expensive perfumes I could find. Joy. I even had them gift wrap it for her. She was an amazing woman with an incredible taste. Elegant, unobtrusive, and yet very sexy, but never vulgar. My eyes used to wander around her body at the company meetings and I was glad we still had those. Who on earth invented video conferences?! 

Finally on the plane, I sent Kate a text message that I would be on time. She was coming from Boston and would check into our hotel before me. She wanted to catch the early flight. Something she had to do... Was she looking for a gift for me?

I had no problem to catch a cab at JFK. Traffic to Manhattan was horrendous and I was anxious to get there as quickly as I possibly could. Every minute was precious! It was our first time together. Finally on Broadway! The cab stopped in front of the hotel and I could already see Kate behind the revolving glass door. Smiling the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I paid the driver. The tip would feed his extended family in Pakistan for a week! What the heck! I was in such a hurry. I grabbed my bags and run to the door. Wow! She dressed for me! She wore what they call a little - very little! - black dress and a tiny black jacket over it. She wore high heals and had the longest and most beautiful legs I remember to have ever seen. She smiled and hugged me. I kissed her on a cheek and could not take my eyes off her while we rushed up the escalator to take a lift to the 25th floor. 

We worked our way through a crowded lobby and finally made it to the elevator. We were alone. She smiled mischievously and whispered "I am not wearing anything underneath..." I heard that and could not believe my ears. She repeated it once more and I just froze there frantically holding on to my bags. Believe me, I did not want to imagine how my face looked right then. With a speed of light my mind was trying to figure out if there was a camera in the elevator. What if someone was watching us? 19th floor...

She was still smiling her beautiful smile and I felt her gentle touch on my arm... "Sir? Sir? You have to fasten your seat belt now. We are approaching JFK airport." I opened my eyes quite astonished. I saw green eyes and a beautiful smile. "Please, fasten your seat belt, Sir. We are about to land."

By Dominique Allmon  ©2009

Image source unknown

Creative Commons License