Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Touching Moment at the Tea Party Event in Georgia

A former Marine stuns the crowd at the Tea Party Event! Please click here to watch a short video. Thank you!

It seems that some people in the United States - not only the politicians - forgot what America really is all about. It takes much courage to stand tall especially when you seem to be standing completely alone among serfs. 

Individuals like that Marine in Georgia shake people out of their stupor. Hopefully there will be enough people who will carry this spirit to the mid-term elections and beyond.

Many Germans, and probably other Europeans as well, do not understand the outrage Americans experience when "nice", new policies are being introduced by the administration. To them the Americans are too dumb to understand what is really good for them, be it the healthcare reform or the expansion of the welfare system.

In Europe people do not know anything besides what the Germans call the Sozialstaat or the social state. The state takes care of everything and regulates every aspect of people's lives. Many hardworking people experience a daylight robbery at the end of the month when they receive their salary slip. Robbery is committed by the state so that everyone can have what they think they deserve whether they work or not, whether they have the desire to work at all. This is called a social justice.

Social state promotes laziness and mediocrity. The idea of equality is disgusting. I personally do not believe in "equality at any price". Equal opportunities for all - yes! But not the equal living standards for all at the expense of others. We can all go to Harvard, but some of us do not have the brains or the discipline to graduate and this is OK because we are so diverse. The best succeed. Meritocracy should be the buzz word here. 

We should stop flirting with utopian ideologies and allow the thought that some of us will have to carry the wood not because the system is unjust, but because we may not have the capacity, intellectual or other, to do anything else. Everyone who wishes to work hard should be able to succeed and a political system should by all means support that. But why does anyone have to struggle at all if his money will be taken away from him and redistributed? Why does anyone have to struggle at all if the money will be given to him without any effort on his part? 

I hope that the young intellectuals blinded by the idea of equality realize pretty soon that social state does not really work. 

The social systems are collapsing all over Europe. The only reason why they are still in place is because the governments do not allow the total collapse. They are gradually reversing the policies that were introduced by their predecessors. This angers the people who never learned to take the responsibility for themselves. Look at the French who until now could retire from work at the age of 60. To save the pension system, French government extended the work life till the age 62. The French were outraged. They took to the streets and protested. Who wants to give up what was given to him for such a long time? But give up they must. The social systems will collapse sooner or later.

By Dominique Allmon ©2010

"Mediocrity" doesn't mean average intelligence, it means an average intelligence that resents and envies its betters - Ayn Rand