Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Battle Against Malaria


  Turning Away From DDT To Greener Weapons

"For over half a century, the battle against malaria has been waged with powerful anti-malarial drugs and potent mosquito-killing insecticides, weapons born from the wonders of synthetic chemistry. In recent years, however, fed up with the financial and ecological drawbacks of chemical warfare, malarious communities from China to Tanzania to Mexico have been forging a new way to fight the scourge, one that draws inspiration from the lessons of ecology more than chemistry. Rather than attempt to destroy mosquitoes and parasites outright, these new methods call for subtle manipulations of human habitats and the draining of local water bodies - from puddles to irrigation canals - where malarial mosquitoes hatch." 

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Worldchanging: Bright Green: The Battle Against Malaria: Turning Away From DDT To Greener Weapons