Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mysterious Visitors

Dogs can fly... when no one looks, of course

I wasn't very busy in my dream last night when some mysterious visitors came by. The usual for a dream, I suppose. 

You know, a young, blond haired lady with a spectacular coiffure and a small boy who had an even smaller dog in tow. I asked the boy if he could fly yet and he said, “No, but my dog can.” 

Now, as we were all imbued with magic, I didn’t see it at all strange that the white dog with brown spots... Jack Russell I think, levitated toward me growling and making a protective fuss. 

I merely smiled and began to scratch his ears as he hovered in front of my face. I told him that he was such a good dog for protecting his human. His countenance changed into one of pure joy and his tail began to wag furiously. He had done a very good job. And floated even higher in space turning somersaults.

That’s more like it, I thought, as the dream shifted into something insubstantial and my mysterious visitors disappeared without a trace.

By James W. Allmon ©2010