Friday, May 20, 2011

Has Roswell Missed the Boat?

Or shall we rather say... the disk shaped flying device that still remains unidentified?

In my brief tenure in this town I’ve noticed that there is an utter disdain for just about the only thing that makes Roswell famous. Whether you believe in them or not, UFOs and their little bug eyed occupants are it and many people around the world have a great time with the concept. That great time is easily translated into cash. Cold, hard and spendable cash. Sheckles. Moolah. Greenbacks. Wampum. Well… you get the gist.

The citizens of the Roswell community are, for the most part, totally embarrassed and chagrined by this facet of their history. They cover it up by claiming to be the Dairy Capitol, or some such nonsense. They seem inordinately happy about that dubious claim. Personally, I always thought that was Wisconsin. Anyway, what tourist in their right mind is going to spend their hard earned money to visit a place that touts such a yawnable claim? Especially in the middle of the desert, two hundred miles from anywhere.

Now, here’s a thought. When Walt Disney selected the area near Orlando as a place for his expanded vision do you think the local city council ignored it? Or more importantly thumbed their collective and oh so self righteous noses at it? I’m guessing they embraced the idea of an imaginary mouse and all his completely made up friends coming to town.

Not Roswell. Not even on a good day.

Gosh, even the stores that cluster around the center of town are shabby and in desperate need of remodeling. However, they either can’t, or won’t. It’s hard to be sure. There is one place at the intersection of 2nd and Main that should simply remove the broken signage and it would look a whole lot better. To me that’s either insane laziness or complete disregard to the idea of generating a revenue. I went into that store once to see what was in there. Once was twice too many.

Maybe they need a city czar.

Look. As I mentioned before, you can believe in UFOs and aliens or not. Who cares? But it’s an industry that stretches around the world. Don’t believe me? Look on the internet and see for yourself. We’re talking millions of dollars here.

But in this economy, who needs money anyway? Right?

I could go on and on, but this will probably be sufficient to get me lynched in this town.

For now… I’ll sign off this rant.

The mother-ship has left the orbit.

By James W. Allmon ©2011

Image source unfortunately abducted by aliens